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    I was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma almost 13 years ago and had MOHS surgery to have it removed. Since then I have had precancerous moles removed and last year had MOHS surgery to remove a large mole in my pelvic region. It was not melanoma but had to have surgery twice to get deeper margins. For sixth months now I have not been feeling healthy. I have had double vision and periphrial vision problems in my left eye, horrible headaches and pressure in my head that was worse when lying down. That pressure lasted a week and landed me in the emergency room since no medicine was taking away the pressure. I never use to get headaches and as of late I get them all the time. I also have tingling/numbness in left temple and my cognitivity and memory has been horrible of late. I first thought MS and was sent to a neurologist, he ordered a MRI of brain without contrast and it came back clear. He has now ordered a MRI of brain, neck and spine WITH constrast this time since I had the horrible pressure headache. I also have neuropothy in my feet and swollen lymph nodes at times in my groin area, although all blood tests came back normal. It just dawned on me that maybe my past history with Melanoma might be the cause. I know I can’t be diagnosed via a forum and I am not looking for that, but does anyone have any insight? I am a female, 40 years old, don’t drink or smoke. Symptoms have been:

    Vision problems that lasted a couple months

    CONSTANT swaying/rocking motion without the actual movement

    jaw pain

    headaches and head pressure

    numbess/tingling in temple region

    neuropothy in feet and leg fasculations


    ringing and pain in ears/all hearing test came back normal

    Thanks for any insight and sorry this is so long :)


    Definitely good to get it checked out, but I doubt it is a melanoma brain tumor. It seems if a tumor was causing such symptoms it would’ve been large enough to see without the contrast. My guess is hormones, menopause?? Let us know the results and I’ll be thinking of you!


    Thanks Worrywart :) Your opinion is reassuring, for sure. Can I ask? So the first MRI I had done was 7 months ago and the headaches/pressure that landed me in the emergency room was just a couple weeks ago. Not to sound ignorant, but do you think something could had been missed and now it has grown? I like your username….I too, am a worry wart at times :)

    Hormones…not sure…I had all blood work for that stuff and it all came back clear. My family doc is convinced it is MS but the neuro says otherwise but still insists on all my scans. I will be a human magnent :)

    Thanks again!


    Could it be lupus? I know it can manifest in many different ways. IF it’s MS the MRI w/ contrast will be able to see if there are lesions -I know they can see areas of white matter that indicate MS. Have you seen a chiropractor yet? I had exertion headaches last year and had to have an MRI of brain with contrast and they went away once I started getting adjusted. There actually was one lesion in my white matter but they weren’t concerned. I really think chiropractic is a miracle cure for many things!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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