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    I had a completely benign mole removed from my back in 2011 that grew back a couple months after. My original dermatologist explained to me it was a recurrent nevus and, as long as it wasn’t changing, not to worry. All good.

    Well, he passed away recently and I went to another dermatologist. I didn’t have my original biopsy report on record and she re-excised the scar for biopsy. I also couldn’t remember the exact terminology my previous dermatologist used when I met with the new one and mentioned it may have been “severely dysplastic”, likely because I’d heard the term so many times online.

    My question is, in pathology, can this be mistakenly diagnosed as melanoma, even if it IS benign?

    I do have a history of stage 1A melanoma that was successfully removed without issue, but I’m very on top of new moles, hence the worry. I’m waiting for the pathology results to come in but this new dermatologist is very dismissive of my questions when I ask (I will not return to her after this).

    Any ideas on this one from anyone? I would greatly appreciate.


    Catherine Poole

    So I think you are asking if the pathology says it is melanoma, could it be benign? I think it can go either way, but usually it doesn’t. I would get a second opinion on the pathology for reassurance.


    Thank you for the response Catherine.

    I will do just that on the pathology results, which I should hopefully have this week.

    I think my anxiety on this more stems from the fact that a benign compound nevus, as the pathology originally reported in 11/2011, may now possibly be diagnosed as something far worse. There haven’t been any changes in it, no advancements to it at all.

    I may just be overly worried about it… but I’d be lying if I said this stuff doesn’t terrify me. Hopefully all is well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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