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    Well we could feel the scanxiety kicking in despite our will objecting to this feeling. Grateful for our summer free & thinking surely his remission would not be so short lived but you know…it can’t be helped. I had gotten a bit pissed off at Don the night before(the first time we argued after his diagnosis we laughed & said wow this is a good sign…you are not going to die tomorrow… we have time to actually be normal) & then the results were in the next morning..he remains NED! I called him & told him the news & said good now I can continue being pissed off…& he just laughed at me. Of coarse how can you stay in that frame of mind when you get such happy news! haha So after the official oncology visit today & “official” you remain in remission I am off to get a NED cake to celebrate! I mean this literally – I am going to get a cake with NED written on it & hopefully it will turn into a tradition. Next PET in Jan 2013!!! Sooo very very thankful! Karen


    Wonderfull !!


    Catherine Poole

    Congratulations and enjoy the celebration!

    Shirley Z

    What encouraging, wonderful news. Congratulations to you both.

    That NED cake sounds like a great idea. Maybe I’ll start that too. Good excuse to get an ice cream cake. I’m 6 behind now. lol

    Shirley Z


    The NED cake sounds brilliant…don’t think anyone who hasn’t been there will understand but then who CARES!! Good news and to many more of those cakes!



    What fabulous news!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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