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    Has anyone had one removed from here? I was using a mirror to wipe and discovered a mole in my butt crack :( I kept trying to wipe it off lol! Anyway, I want to get it removed, but I’m concerned about the healing process (and the embarrassment of course). It’s like deep inside the crack.. maybe an in or less from the hole. I got a mole removed from the bottom of my foot once and it hurt to walk, took a long time to heal, so I imagine the butt crack will be the same deal. My sister had one removed from her labia and she said she couldn’t work for 3 days it hurt so bad. so I’m wondering what the healing process will be, how to keep the stitches clean and whatnot. Any insight?


    Hi Icegurl,

    Okay, so at the risk of TMI, I will jump into this thread and say that I have — really like the very spot you mention! It’s been a long time ago, though — probably about 25 years — before I ever had any issues or even though about melanoma. But every time I would go to the gyn, he/she would say, “You have a mole down here — are you keeping an eye on it?” I would say, “Ummmm… I don’t really look specifically there so much!” Ha! Anyhow, I heard that question enough that I decided to just get it off. Although it wasn’t the most glamorous procedure I’ve ever done, I don’t remember it as being so bad! I honestly can’t remember there being an issue with keeping it clean, or it being painful — pain wasn’t a problem. Maybe it’s because it was far enough in that I wasn’t sitting directly on it.

    I realize that this post isn’t all that helpful, but at least maybe you’ll feel like there’s someone out there who has been in the same boat. Good luck!!




    I’ve never noticed it before and I’m very vigilant since receiving my dx of Melanoma T1B a little over two years ago now. I was just pregnant last year, so it could be new, but it’s in a very difficult spot to see, so who knows. I cant even get a good look at it. My husband tried to take a picture but it didn’t really come out. I asked him what he thought, but he wouldn’t say other than I should get it checked out. I don’t have that many moles, but I can see it’s larger than the majority of the moles I have. I made the apt today to have it removed but the earliest they could do it was 3/6/15 so hopefully it’s benign. They asked where it was and I told them it was on my butt cheek.. sorta in the crack.. and she said “oh that should be interesting!” hahaha. I’ve had two removed from my nipples, one per-cancerous requiring a small excision, so I’m just plagued with embarrassing moles I guess.



    ..the earliest they could do it was 3/6/15…

    Have you tried to get an appointment with someone else?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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