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    Today we meet with Dad’s onc to review scan from last Wed. Dad was “NED” 3 months ago after femoral dissection. Now, he says he is not doing well. He says the tumor on his pelvis is coming back in the same place…. it’s going to be a tough day. Just wanted to post here. Will post actual update later.

    Catherine Poole

    Did they suggest a plan? Let us know how we can help.


    Hi Catherine,

    Well the results were SOOO much better than we expected. Turns out the “mass” my Dad was concerned about was scar tissue from his surgery. His scan was pretty good with “no definitive evidence of reoccurring disease”. These roller coaster rides are exhausting. Dad is feeling better now that he knows the details of this latest scan. We don’t really have a plan other than watch and wait and then Hospice when it’s time. Dad did ipi and he had a surgery which were both very beneficial (apparently), but his general condition is weak and he couldn’t withstand further treatment, and doesn’t want to. We have been focusing on comfort and quality all along, so yesterday was a major bonus. Thanks for your continued support.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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