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    From what I’ve read, it is very hard to scratch a melanoma off completely and all forums on the topic say that you’ll more than likely leave some of the tumor behind, but what they fail to elaborate on is if some of the tumor is left behind would it grow back to a visible state? I understand that you likely won’t remove the tumor completely but I’m concerned picking at it will take away the visible evidence, thereby enabling the cancer to grow under the skin completely unnoticed. That doesn’t seem likely, I feel the tumor would grow back to the surface as even when surgically removed the melanoma can reoccur in the scar tissue, but I would like a second opinion.

    Catherine Poole

    Any lesion on your skin should be properly removed by a medical professional. You would not know if it was a melanoma until the excision is done and the specimen is looked at under a microscope by a pathologist. So our advice is to leave it alone and allow a professional to remove it. You could get an infection or other complication. I hope you will have someone check it out soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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