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    My boyfriend Randy got his second infusion of the merk-3475 pd-1 drug at 10mg/kg with previous use of Yervoy at UCLA with Dr. Ribas monday, and also had a visit with his primary oncologist, Dr. T. wednesday who was very happy with him at this time. Dr.T measured his palpable mets and said they were stabalized. He also said that it was the best he has seen him since he’s become his Dr. (when randy was discharged from the hospital after his bowel surgery, we switched from his previous oncologist to Dr. T who knows more about melanoma. Randy was in a very weak state, and had lost a lot of weight when we met with Dr. T for the first time. Randys tumors were growing quite rapidly for the two months before he started pd-1, including a met under his jaw bone that is about an inch long (forgot to ask the measurements) that devolped to that size in two months. That met was the fastest growing met he has had yet i believe.

    I had been trying to get randy into the Pd-1 trial at UCLA for a month or more, waiting for the slots to open for previous ipi use. All the while Dr. T saying we should start Dacarbazine since his mets were growing (he’s braf-). I knew from research that Anti-Pd1 was doing so well in patient trials, i had to get randy into one. We kept telling the Dr. we were trying to get into this trial, and luckily enough got accepted to one at UCLA. Dr. T said randy had a good nurse (me). ha, made me feel good. Sorry to go on, but so far his visible mets have stabalized, pretty much right after the first dose we noticed them stop growing. He has gained some weight, appetite is up, energy is definately up since he started, i can really tell the difference. Plus he says he feels ‘great’. so far only some mild joint and muscle pains.


    (g/f of patient Randy)

    Catherine Poole

    Randy is certainly fortunate to have you there by his side. I hope he continues to do so well and that you will share with us how things are going. Keep up the good work!


    Oh Amanda you must feel as though a huge weight is being lifted off of you right now.

    That’s such good news and way to fight to get him into the trial. Bravo!

    It’s outstanding news that he FEELS good too, a really good sign! :mrgreen:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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