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    I was diagnosed in February with superficial spreading Melanoma .35,no ulceration,Mitotic level low ,on my shin. I had my wide excision April 1st. Luckily my surgeon was able to close the incision without a skin graft or skin flap due to limited excess skin. I am now left with a 4 inch scar. I consider myself lucky as a very sharp Dermatologist noted that this mole looked odd (ugly duckling) and felt it should be removed. It was not black with jagged edges but rather pink and tan. I must note that I had a full skin check 3 months prior with a different Dermatologist and it was missed.

    Question. I have developed a Seroma at the incision site. It was left to see if my body would reabsorb the fluid. It had not reabsorbed the fluid so my surgeon has been aspirating it weekly for the past 7 weeks. He thinks at this point it wont go away and left it up to me as to whether I want to go back into surgery ,remove the capsule and insert a drain or live with it. Has anyone developed a Seroma that did not go away and what did you do?

    MY father lost his life to Melanoma when he was 32 . Terrrible cancer.

    Thank you.

    Catherine Poole

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I have done some research and frankly, can’t find a solution to this issue. It seems to me that you might get another surgical opinion on this. Did this occur because the skin graft wasn’t done? Where are you going for treatment now?


    Thank you for your reply but more importantly, thank you for this forum. I have been a frequent visitor to this site since my diagnosis and found it to be very helpful.

    My surgical oncologist is with Sharps in San Diego. I was very pleased that he was able to close the site without a skin graft. He used stem cells to help fill in the void due to the tissue being removed. He feels perhaps the cells may have irritated the skin so they will not adhere, hence the open space which continues to fill with fluid. The fluid had been going down with subsequent aspirations but is holding the same amt for the past few weeks. He thinks at this point it would not adhere so it would be up to me if I wanted to go back into surgery to remove the pocket ,close it up and put in a drain. The other option is to do nothing and see what happens. If it stays as is I could live with it but if it continues to fill up like it was I would consider surgery. He mentioned surgery would be no guarantee that it will not fill up again. It is not dangerous just unsitely and uncomfortable.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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