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    l wrote in this session about my father under “Best course of action”. He had a primary melanoma in May 2012 and is stage IV since March 2014 when he had a stomach met. He had an operation to remove 80% of his stomach.

    A few weeks ago he presented neurological symptons and the brain MRI showed 6 brain mets. 2 big ones that worry the doctors. He had ataxia, double vision, hicupps/spams and sometimes a very brief but intense cough. He’s in hospital since Wednesday last week and they’re giving him steroids. The oncologist arraged an appointment with the radiologist for tomorrow morning to discuss and plan whole brain radiation. He has to be transfered to another hospital for the radiotherapy. As he’s very weak and not able to walk alone, he’s being transferred by ambulance and has to be hospitalised during the radiation treatment.

    My father has also a 6cm lung met and several skin mets. The oncologist he has had until now wanted to give him chemotherapy at some point during or after the radiation treatment. He has no experience with Ipi and says that in Recife, the city in Brazil where my father lives, doctors are not familiar with Ipi. There is no melanoma specialist here. My father is too weak to travel to San Paolo where they have more experience with Ipi. I have the name of an oncologist there specialised in melanoma. As my father’s supposed to change hospital therefore also oncologist, l will ask the new oncologist to contact the doctor in San Paolo to see if they could work together.

    My father’s general condition has worsned so much since he’s been in hospital. He barely gets up of the hospital bed. He can not walk alone anymore. He feels very tired and dizzy. He’s also getting very anxious and depressed especially for being in a hospital bed all day long and not beeing able to do anything because he’s weak.. It’s very hard for him and for our whole family.

    I would very much appreciate any suggestion on treatment, on how to proceed, on how to organise things, on how to help my father feel better physically and emotionally.

    I’m grateful for this amazing forum. Thank you.


    Catherine Poole

    I’m so sorry no one responded to you. It is very difficult to find experts in global spots at times. I would reach out to the BMS global team you can find them here: http://www.globalbmsmedinfo.com/index.aspx

    I hope this will help you gain access to these therapies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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