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    Hi all!

    I am 36 weeks today and feeling the pressure :) These babies are heavy!

    So I am scheduled for a c section on Tuesday next week! YAY, relief and I get to meet these boys!

    My question is, does your skin continue to change when you breastfeed? I have developed quite a few new little moles and some have darkened and I was wondering if anyone noticed if this continued if you breastfed or it is stopped once the baby came out?

    I am debating tackling double breastfeeding with a toddler anyways and would really like to stop these new moles from growing. I know they are not necessarily BAD and there isn’t a connection with mel and pregnancy BUT it would help lower my anxiety level a bit and enjoy the babies and my daughter if my skin would just be stable!!

    Thanks all



    Hi Jenni!

    Wow, what an exciting time for you. Congratulations.

    I breastfed for a long time with my second daughter and didn’t notice anything different than before I gave birth.

    I don’t know if this helps, but in any case, best wishes to you! Pam

    Catherine Poole

    There isn’t any connection that I know of. I think your babies will benefit greatly with breast feeding by getting the milk made for them. The colostrum is especially important! So as much as it may seem like a challenge with two, I would try for the immune boost it will give them. I would seek out a lactation specialist for the best support. Good luck!!


    I’d breastfeed regardless, so many benefits! I developed so many new moles when I was pg that my husband jokingly called me an ‘appaloosa’ (horse with spots). That was before melanoma so it was funny. Wouldn’t be funny if I was pg now though! Anyway – I don’t remember developing any new moles while I nursed, just while pregnant.



    Congrats on the twins! I suppose by now they are here, what an exciting time. I would agree with the others that breastfeeding isn’t going to cause you to develop any more moles. I grew a few new moles while pregnant, and while my daughter is only 8 weeks now, I haven’t noticed any new skin changes.

    Also, you had mentioned in the past that your family has a history of breast cancer, I have read that nursing can have a protective effect against it. That is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

    Whatever you choose to do, you and your precious little kiddos are going to do great! I wish you the best of luck momma! :D


    Hi all,

    Just wanted to update quickly! Been SUPER busy but this is a great thing!!

    Lukas (Luke) Andrew and Leonardo (Leo) Eric were born on Tuesday, Nov 12! Leo at 4:14 and Luke at 4:16 via c section.

    Luke is a tiny guy at 5lbs 8oz and 18.75 in and Leo is 6lbs 15 oz and 19.5 in. Both were perfect, very healthy and had no NICU time. This was 36.5 weeks for them.

    I am proud I made it that long. My back DID hold up, I have no sciatica issues, just recovering from the surgery. I have even been lucky enough to have a night nurse at home with me these first days home so I sleep at night and she takes care of the twins so I can heal up quickly. I will “take over” nights in a week, but it was a gift from my father in law and I am EXTREMELY grateful for the gift of sleep :)

    Will be seeing a derm in a few weeks to do a good skin check and to show him all the new spots :) I hope all is ok.

    For now, I will enjoy these little ones and cherish the moments, because I am thinking we are done at 3 kiddos :)

    Sending my best to you all!



    Congratulations! My twin girls were born 3 1/2 years ago (C section) at 5 lbs and 4.5 lbs. They spent a couple weeks in NICU just to grow and spend some time under those bilirubin lights, etc. . but they are fine today. They were born at 34 weeks. Good luck w/ the derm visit.


    Hi Jenni!

    Congratulations! I am 4 months and 2 weeks into the second baby. My skin changed a lot during pregnancy and I am now starting to taper down breastfeeding (juggling the 3yo and the baby has been a challenge but we all have gotten used to it- I cannot imagine twins) and supplementing with formula in anticipation of returning to work. My skin pretty much stayed the same from pregnancy until very recently when the bf hormones started decreasing. So, I would say, melanoma speaking, I did not see any additional issues that merited greater anxiety though I did have some excisions after the baby was born that had been postponed (four moderates) from while I was pregnant. But, really, do what you need to do. If bf is too much with twins and a toddler, well, it is too much. Nothing wrong with that. Sure, breast is best and all of that but so is mommy’s sanity! Good luck! I am enjoying the second much more than the first because everyone is far more relaxed and she is a great sleeper :).


    Congrats on your twins! I love their names!! :) What a fun life they’ll have – i love being a twin! :)

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