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    Well its been about a month since the WLE and SLNB (14) feeling much better scar is healing well but Im getting real sharp pain around the bottom of my ribcage (front and back) mainly at night when trying to sleep, were the nodes taken from that low?

    also the inside of my elbow has the same sharp pains all on the same side surgery was done on??

    Surgeon follow up appt in 2 weeks

    thanx for any input


    Is the (14) for 14 nodes taken? I only had 2 nodes taken for my SLNB a year and a half ago (left axilla) and I still have weird sensations at the surgery site. . .sometimes like a dull pain, sometimes at the scar site, sometimes extending down the arm to the elbow, etc. . Dr isn’t concerned, could be nerve re-generation, etc. . . I guess it’s not abnormal to still be experiencing that, sort of comes and goes with me


    yep the 14 is 14 nodes… thanx

    Catherine Poole

    Any surgery usually requires that nerve endings get cut. This can result in lingering pain long after you’ve healed. I had the same problem with my large wide excision and skin graft. So take it easy and try to use advil/tylenol for the pain or other non-narcotics such as tramadol work well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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