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    Good morning, All –

    I had an SNB on 7/12/12- two lymph nodes were removed. The area was puffy for a couple of weeks- until last Tuesday (7 days ago) – when I returned to work, it bursted at some point and I didn’t notice my pants were soaked until I walked in my door. I called the doctor and he said that it was actually a great way to get rid of the fluid. So since then, I’ve been leaking… pants wet everyday except yesterday because I finally managed to bandage it pretty good- I built a huge absorbable pad with maxi pads, held in place by an ace bandage and I stayed dry the whole day. Anyhow, I was wondering how long I can expect this to continue. I don’t know why I don’t think of these questions when I am at the doctor… he told me it could go on for a while, but of course, I didn’t ask what a while meant. He told me that the incision would close on its own. Really? I told him it freaked me out to see something purple there and he said that was just tissue. I usally express the puffiness in the shower in the morning. Thanks for the information.




    Sorry to hear you’re dealing with drainage issues. We had a discussion on this a while back. Perhaps there’s something in that thread that might be of help to you:

    http://forum.melanomainternational.org/mif/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=30151&hilit=groin” class=”bbcode_url”>http://forum.melanomainternational.org/mif/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=30151&hilit=groin

    I’m surprised your doctor didn’t insert a drain right after the operation. I’m not sure that having an open wound like that is good for you because of the risk of infection. But hopefully someone with more knowledge of these things will respond. I had two lymph nodes removed from under my left arm and wore a drain for a few days after that surgery. Then after I had the rest of them removed about a month and a half later I had to wear a drain for two weeks. But because my lymph mode dissection was on a different part of the body, I didn’t have the volume of fluid to deal with like you’re having to.

    The maxi pads really help, don’t they? :D


    So sorry to hear about your situation. I didn’t need a drain after my SLNB, even though it was combined with a WLE in practically the same location. So I’m not much help. I did need a drain for 6 weeks for the more extensive lymph node excision in the same area.


    I went to three specialists (met them back to back- they are in the same group, so very convenient!), one of which was a surgeon. He looked at my SNB site and said that the incision was too big and was made in the wrong spot. He asked who did my surgery and what his specialty was and I said a plastic surgeon. He said the problem with my incision is that it is almost at the crease of my leg, so it might not heal. He said that if a partial dissection is necessary, they will fix it then, but he would have to think about what to do. He said if another surgery is not necessary, then he would fix it, but there is no point in doing anything about it right now, since I might have another surgery. He seemed surprised that a drain wasn’t put in and that I am just freely leaking!

    The next step in this process is to have a PET/CT scan on Thursday, Aug 8. In addition, they are waiting for a second opinion on my lymph node because it has micromestasis and they said that maybe it’s not cancer, but instead nevus or maybe it’s micro and encapsulated? So much terminology. If it comes back as definite cancer cells, then I will have a “superficial lymph node dissection”, which is taking about 10 of the 20 lymph nodes left.

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