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    Since being diagnosed with melanoma that was insitu.. Well it wasn’t even stage 0 yet but on the path to being there..

    In just curious I have done my research they send all biopsys and wle to a dermatologist which I heard is a good thing.. So how good of a chance is it that they missed something or could miss cells that are bad after the wle?

    And secondly I know I’m at a greater risk for developing melanoma again .. I already am diagnosed with a anxiety disorder so I do stress everyday about this.. I do have a couple moles that I am keeping my eyes on .. I have shown my derm and surgeon some of them which they think to be no concern.. Well I’m still keeping my eyes on them they have not changed in a couple months… So is it safe to say I’m okay to show him at my febuRay follow up?

    Catherine Poole

    If you are anxious about follow up, I would look into whole body photography, the best way to follow moles. A dermatopathologist is the best to look at your pathology report if you want another opinion we often suggest http://www.drmihm.com. For anxiety, mindful meditation and counseling with cognitive behavior therapy is very helpful. Please read some of the past posts here for more ideas. But we are here to support you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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