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    Last week, I went to a dermatologist to get my moles looked at for a baseline. My primary care Dr. just wanted to get them check because I have a lot of moles. Well my dermatologist look at all of them and decided to remove one on my back. He didnt think it was a bad one but wanted to be safe. Well on on Monday of this week he called back and informed me that it was positive for melanoma. I do not tan, I am fair skinned white, and hate the beach, so i was shocked. He said it was .5mm deep and staged it at 1A. I went back to him the next day and he did a wide local excision about 1cm around. That was yesterday. So what is next? I go back in two weeks to get the staples removed and then I guess i see him once every 6 months for two years. My questions are the following

    1. since i have a lot of moles why did that mole have melanoma?

    2. Since I have a lot of moles on my body and near the one he removed, does that chances go up for the others to have melanoma?

    2. Since i get checked now every six months, can one mole progress to a high stage in six months.

    3. When the survival rate is 95% plus, does that mean that only 5 percent chance melanoma will return anywhere in my body in another mole.

    Do I make sense here,lol.

    Should I see another dermatologist to get another opinion and another set of eyes to look at my moles.

    Or since it is only stage IA i should relax and be glad it is only that stage.

    any advice and info would be great.

    I see him in two week, what questions should I ask.





    Do you have a copy of your pathology report with other information in addition to the .5mm? So, mitotic rate, regression, etc..?


    i can get a copy. But according to the Dr when he removed the mole there were clear non cancer cells around the melanoma.

    Can you answer the other questions i asked.

    Thanks again


    Your Dr probably removed the most suspicious looking mole. Since that one was melanoma, he/she may want to check you over again and possibly remove a few more…to get an idea of what is ‘normal’ for you and what is abnormal. You will want to get to know your skin and do a monthly skin check – looking for anything new or changing. Since you have a lot of moles, mole mapping may be a good option for you. As for your second question, melanoma does not usually grow to a late stage in 6 mos, but there are types that are aggressive (nodular for instance). The 5% survival for your stage indicates that 95% of people with your same diagnosis will be alive in 5 years. When melanoma spreads (or metastasizes) it does not go to another mole, it goes to organs/lymph/blood – that is when it becomes deadly. Another melanoma is called a NEW primary, and is unrelated to your first one. The odds of a second primary melanoma are somewhere between 8-10%. I would recommend a second opinion on your pathology at a center of excellence. Search for a dermatopathologist and have your doc send the slides. Good luck!


    what is a center of excellence? I live in rochester ny.




    Cancer Research Center

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    Chanin Building, Room 209

    1300 Morris Park Avenue

    Bronx, New York 10461

    (718) 430-2302


    Columbia Melanoma Center

    Columbia University

    New York Presbyterian Hospital

    The Tumor Vaccine Program

    Department of Surgery

    177 Fort Washington Avenue

    New York, NY 10032



    Roswell Park Cancer Institute

    Elm & Carlton Streets

    Buffalo, New York 14263-0001

    (716) 845-5772



    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

    P.O. Box 100

    Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724

    (516) 367-8383


    NYU Cancer Institute

    New York University Langone Medical Center

    550 First Avenue

    New York, New York 10016

    (212) 263-6485


    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    1275 York Avenue

    New York, New York 10021




    Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

    College of Physicians & Surgeons Columbia University

    1130 St. Nicholas Avenue

    Room 508

    New York, New York 10032

    (212) 851-52730


    James P. Wilmot Cancer Center

    University of Rochester Medical Center

    601 Elmwood Ave. Box 704

    Rochester NY 14642

    (866) 4-WILMOT

    (585) 275-5830


    Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care

    Montefiore Medical Center

    Melanoma/Sarcoma Program

    Greene Medical Arts Pavilion

    3400 Bainbridge Avenue

    Bronx, NY 10467



    Weill Cornell Cancer Center

    New York-Presbyterian Hospital

    525 East 68 th Street

    New York, NY 10065



    Tisch Cancer Institute

    Mount Sinai Medical Center

    1190 5 th Avenue

    New York, NY 10029




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