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    Hi everyone,

    I’m hoping someone will be able to ease my mind a little. I was diagnosed in August with a stage 1a superficial spreading melanoma with a Breslow depth of 0.3 on the left side of my left knee. Before i had the wider excision done in September I completely freaked out and thought I could feel a lump in my groin, probably slightly less than the size of a pea. I had it checked by the plastic surgeon due to carry out the WLE and he said it was highly unlikely that a melanoma of my depth would spread to the lymph nodes and said it was a vein I could feel as it was pulsatile. At the time I felt huge relief and was satisfied with what I was told. However as time is progressing I am becoming more paranoid that he may be wrong and I have a constant aching feeling in the same area. I will just add that I have since had it checked by my GP (I’m in the uk) and she said she didn’t think she could feel anything abnormal.

    Should I really be worrying so much?



    Hi Lorna,

    I am a stage 0 (melanoma in situ) but mine was also just outside my left knee, on my lower leg. I was convinced as well I had a pea-sized swollen node in my groin on the same side….and actually a few drs even felt it. However, they all said it was nothing to worry about and could even be from the trauma of the WLE surgery. I did worry though for months over this node and used to feel it ALL the time….eventually I started to feel like I was losing my mind and I started to forbid feeling my nodes. I left that for the derm visits and since then I have been able to relax some. Touching them constantly can irritate the area too.

    Just trying to give you some piece of mind I guess I know how hard it is….and you are only a few months out. It will get easier. I am approaching 4 yrs in December since my was removed. I still have occasional moments where I think I see a NEW melanoma but the fear from the first is pretty much gone for me :)




    Pea sized lymph nodes are normal lymph nodes. I am thin and I can feel 3 on each side of my groin. I even have some larger than pea. I wouldn’t worry about the lymph node.

    The paranoia is totally normal and will get better with time. After my diagnosis I made appts for physical, dental exam, etc and that helped me to feel in control of the situation. I had my spouse take pictures of my moles so I could compare in future. I am now 5 years out and don’t worry nearly as much. Hang in there, I promise it gets better!


    The paranoia will ease over time. I was stage 1a with clark’s level 3 and Breslow 0.7. I just passed 4 years since I found out I had the Melanoma Stage1a. Find a good dermatologist who shares your worries and is pro active/helpful each time you see them. It get’s alot easier. I go to the beach, go swimming, etc, just bring alot of sun screen, wear clothes that cover your body, and stay out of the sun as much as you can and you can lead a very easy normal life once again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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