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    Hi! My mother aged about 60 years has been diagnosed with Melanoma Left Heel with left Inguino Pelvic. She underwent a surgery which was wide local excision of Heel Lesion with superficial and Deep Ingunial Block Dissection with Left Pelvic Lymphnode Dissection with Heel Defect Reconstruction with Medial Plantar Flap.

    In pelvic lymphnode dissection, 7/10 were positive. In Inguinal lymphnode dissection, 8/10 were positive. Are these a high no?

    The primary tumor site is the sole of the left feet. which was of upto 3mm (Clark’s level IV) . The stage is III-C. I battle everyday to find out how bad this is as docs have nothing to say about her life expectancy. All they say is it is quite an aggressive form of cancer and they cant really comment. I weep everyday . It scares the hell out of me.

    Post surgery, doctor has kept her under observation with regular CT scans and blood tests on a 6 week basis with no other treatment of chemotheraphy, radiation therpahy or interferons. I am a bit concerned if this is alright as how will the spread contain without treatment.

    Can you please advice. How can diet and lifestyle regime contain the spread?

    Look forward.


    Catherine Poole

    Where is your mother going for treatment? Is it a center of melanoma treatment excellence? Where do you live? We can make some suggestions. Is sounds like your mother has Acral Lentiginous melanoma, which is somewhat rare. Have they mentioned that? Unfortunately, we do not have therapies for stage III disease approved yet by the FDA except for interferon which is not longer prescribed by many. So watch and wait is often the solution. Tell us a little more about where she is being seen.


    Thanks a lot for you reply Catherine.

    My mother is a case of melanoma left heel with left inguino pelvic lymphadenopathy. Wide local excision done with lymphnode dissection done on 14/05/14

    We are based out of India and she is being treated in New Delhi (capital of India) at a hospital called Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre(considered one of the best cancer institutes in India). Do suggest if there any centre of melanoma excellence in India.

    Docs did tell us it quite rare. Post surgery, they have opted for wait and watch . The surgery happened in May and we got CT chest and CT whole abdomen (triple phase) done on August 2. CT chest shows no abnormality. However, CT whole abdomen (Triple phase) shows subcm right external iliac node measuring 2.0x .9 cms. Docs have again called us after 6 weeks for follow up on this. I am confused and scared ..is this spreading? How bad is this?

    Also, her CBC(Haemogram Complete)-C/71 shows decreased haemoglobin from 12.5 to 11.4 now. Total Leucocyte Count as 13200 (reference range 4000-11500), Monocytes as 8.6 (reference range 2.6-8.5) , MCV 76.3 ( ref range 80-101), MCH 25.0(ref range 26-38).

    She is not under any medication right now.

    Please suggest how bad is her condition? What is her life expectancy in this case? I am terrified and scared. I love her.

    Look forward to hearing back.




    I am sorry to hear about your mother.

    On this page you will find information on melanoma centers in India: http://melanomainternational.org/web-resources/global-resources/#.U-6L5EgmCJo” class=”bbcode_url”>http://melanomainternational.org/web-resources/global-resources/#.U-6L5EgmCJo

    I’m not sure what the CBC readings mean. But it’s not unusual to take a “watch and wait” approach like you described. It’s possible that the node could be what known as a “reactive node”, which means your mom’s lymph system is hard at work. That may be what the doctor suspects, hence the “watch and wait”. If the lymph node shows no change at 6 weeks or has gotten larger, then further investigation will be necessary. But, I’m no doctor.

    I think the best thing to do to put your mind at east would be to either get a second opinion from another doctor, or call the doctor at the Rajiv Gandhi Center and express your concerns to him.


    Thanks a lot for your reply Linny. The link was quite uselful.Stay Blessed :)


    Hi! Catherine,

    Can you provide any perspective? :)

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