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    Hello all,

    Well I am newly dx this year. Done lots of research, looking at stats etc. What I cannot get my head round is I am being told I am low risk, be vigilant and enjoy life. Yet that stats for survival in 5 and 10 years tell me high survival rate at Stage 1a, but the stats show % that don’t survive this stage… i know we do not know what is round the corner but these stats are really upsetting me.. is it possible to never get another and live a happy healthy life?

    Catherine Poole

    First of all, you are not a statistic. Every person has different circumstances. Sometimes the pathology is incorrect and afterall is performed by human beings. That most likely explains the difference in low risk statistics. I am 30 years out of a .76 with mitosis. My pathology was read by an expert. If you are unsure you could get another opinion on your slides by an expert. Moving on is important with melanoma but also being vigilant. Take care


    Hi MLDuddy,

    I was diagnosed with stage 1b melanoma. I can relate to you being worried, and have to say my first 6 months were the hardest but it does get easier.

    Does it go away? No. But it does get better. October 31st will be my 2.5 year anniversary out of 5 years of semi-annual checkups. While I can say you will eventually worry less as time goes on, I admit that every 6 months it crosses my mind or at times find a bump or lump and obviously think it’s returned whereas in fact it was just a pimple or cut.

    I can also say that stage 1a is about as good as it gets and can only anticipate you will be cancer free in the years ahead :) YOU CAUGHT IT EARLY! :)

    Take care and if you ever feel the need to vent there are many on this forum that will listen because we’ve been in your shoes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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