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    I have just been dx’d in January and yes I google, I cannot seem to stop it’s like an obsession. Most statistics I come across does not look favourable at all. I am stage 1a and I know no one can give the answer I think we all desire. I just dont feel confident now and it looks like progression happens more than I realise.

    I am so scared and well feel like progression is round the corner now.

    Feeling very sad x

    Catherine Poole

    When you google, look for that little symbol MIF has on the top right corner: HonCode certified. You will then know you are on a scientifically validated website. Statistics aren’t people. They are gathered with various means and don’t always equate to what’s real. Melanoma can misbehave, but normally a low risk lesion, once removed, will not return. The pathology is vital for prediction and should be done by someone expert if possible. So stop googling and live your life! Or at least go to valid websites for your information. Be sure to try the tips outlined in my blog on anxiety: https://melanomainternational.org/2019/07/feeling-anxious-after-your-melanoma-diagnosis

    Keep in touch, we are here to support you!


    Hi MLDuddy,

    Welcome to the forum. I completely can relate to how you feel, as I was diagnosed a 1B 2 years ago.

    What I can tell you is that, believe it or not, gets easier after each check up and as time moves forward. There is a really good support network here as well, led by Catherine. I found that completely understanding my report was helpful in me understanding and coping. As a positive, great to hear that you are diagnosed as a 1a and caught it early!! That’s a great start!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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