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    My husband has been on Zelboraf for 13 months. He is currently NED and has been since April 2012 (or so). The doctor asked him a few months ago about stopping Zelboraf to see what happens….we told him no. He had another appointment today and again, the doctor talked about stopping the Zelboraf. He says the choice is ours, but…. He has 2 patients he’s tried this with..one progressed immediately, the other is fine. It seems like playing Russian roulette with your life! Does anyone have any information about stopping Zelboraf? Are other doctors trying this? We’re kind of thinking that if things are going well, why change anything? Any thoughts or ideas?

    Catherine Poole

    Dick, who has been on our forum quite often, has been on Zelboraf for about 2 years I believe. He stops for short periods of time when his bilirubin level is too high. But then goes back on. I’m not sure I would go off of it if it keeps the disease at bay. Seems risky until we know more.


    No way!

    You’re ahead of it so stay ahead of it.

    IMO, for what’s that worth, there could be one of two things going on:

    1. Dick has had a complete and durable response, no more melanoma. And that has happened with Zelboraf.

    2. He’s NED and the Zelboraf and his immune system are keeping the melanoma in check.

    The second one would be the concern. If there is a balancing act going on and if Dick can tolerate the stuff, don’t mess with the balalnce (unless you can tip it in your favor) and stay on the stuff.

    However, maybe you guys can start discussing possible future options to tip the alledged balance in Dick’s favor, like IPI.




    Thank you! We were feeling fairly confident that staying on was the right thing to do, but just wanted to check with “the experts.”. I don’t post often…Mike is doing so well lately, but I “visit” often to keep up-to-date on others and treatments. Thank you so much! This website is such a wealth of knowledge…such a blessing.


    Well, I have the same question…

    I am quasi NED since July and on half dose ZEL + prednisone (down to 6mg a day)

    I’d like to think it can be stopped one day because even at low dosage there are side effects from the two medicines (starting with change of appearance : ugly skin, strange curly hair, loss of eyebrows and weight gain).

    But so far, my onc team is advising to carry on.

    Anyway, these are minor issues compared with the fear of mel coming back!

    Beatrice stage IV since 2009



    I’m glad to read of your decision, I think it is a good one.


    Forgive me for laughing after reading part of you post “…strange curly hair.” Boy do I know what you mean by that!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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