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    About a month ago I went for my appt at a specialized pigmented skin lesion clinic. The dermatologist there said something to me like, “You don’t have to worry about dying from this because you’re now ‘tucked in’ meaning you’re in the system and being monitored and seeing doctors and you have been identified from the diagnosis that you need to be followed, etc. . ” I guess I thought that to be strange because I honestly don’t know what benefit that really has. . .being “tucked in the system”, being watched, etc. . I mean even if that is the case, the disease is going to do what it will do and it’s not like a Dr can predict the future and just because you’re seeing doctors means your disease can’t or won’t spread, or they would somehow catch it early enough to do something, etc. . I guess I just didn’t understand the logic behind such a thought from the Dr. . didn’t make sense to me


    Perhaps the doctor was just trying to ease your concern about a recurrence killing you. Logic being that if you follow up according to the schedule they will find any suspicious lesions at an early stage. Just a thought.


    I read a study done in Europe where they followed a number of melanoma patients who had low risk lesions for years, they all had 6 month exams. During the course of the study some had more primary melanomas but none of the participants developed advanced disease. So being in the system is good. Nothing is guaranteed but you have good people watching your back. literally. haha. Good luck, try to stay positive, I know its difficult.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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