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    I’m almost over the shock phase and have a lot of questions now. I had shave biopsy that revealed severe dysplasia with melanoma. I had wide excision one week ago. The detail of the pathology results I’ve seen on this board I don’t have. I’ll get those results when the sutures are removed? The second question relates to a strong family history of other types of cancer and any relation there might be to melanoma. My father had bladder cancer, my Mom has had squamous cell and many basal cell cancers removed, my sister had borderline ovarian cancer and my other sister was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and one brother who also had melanoma insitu. My aunts and uncles on both sides have also had many types of cancer: endometrial, breast, oral, liver, stomach and one cousin with melanoma which metastisized to the brain. Is there any known correlation? Is there any genetic testing available that could answer this question? Do I want to know?

    My sutures are due to be removed in 9 days and my level of anxiety is high. I had an unplanned visit to the derm yesterday because the excision site looked like it was infected. The derm who performed the excision was not in and the covering derm was somewhat dismissive of the few quesitons I asked. But at least I know the wound is not infected. I had allergice reaction to bacitracin. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Catherine Poole

    So it sounds like you found this lesion very early, it is not melanoma from my understanding, just showed dysplasia. You could have a genetic predisposition and there is a section at the National Cancer Institute that looks for this in families. It is the P52 gene. Many of the cancers you mention haven’t been correlated to melanoma. What will you do if you find out you have the gene? I imagine you will still be careful and do regular skin exams, colonoscopies, and other prevention practices. That is the important thing and should help you rest easy.


    What did your pathology report say? First step – get a copy. Severe dysplasia with melanoma is very vague.


    Severely atypical intraepidermal melanoctyic proliferation with areas bordering on malignant melanoma in situ; the lesion extends to one lateral argon of the specimen.

    Comment: initial and multiple levels are examined. There are foci containing full thickness pagetoid spread. There is no evidence of a dermal component. Complete removal is recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

    Now that I read this again I realize according to this report it is contained to epidermis. Something I missed entirely the first few times I read this.

    The pathology report on the excision should give me more information? Fingers crossed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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