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    My brother was diagnosed 6 months ago Stage IV with mets all over, including the brain. A combination of WBR and Zelboraf worked well for 5 months. Recently, a liver tumor started growing again and his oncologist said that he was becoming resistant to the Z. He is now off Z for a 30 day “wash out” period and then he will either get into an anti-PD-1 clinical trial (fingers crossed) or try Ipi.

    My concern is that melanoma that is resistant to Z often comes back more aggressive than it was originally. I think I’m beginning to see signs that his brain tumors are growing already (slurred speech, extreme fatigue, unstable walk) although this could just be paranoia on my part. My concern is that his tumors will grow so fast that he won’t survive the wash out period plus the 4-8 weeks it takes these antibody-based treatments to exert an effect. But, really, what choice does he have? Any hopeful stories out there? Any suggestions?

    Catherine Poole

    You can start the IPI right away and then get him into the PD1 trial. I would ask the doctor to address these issues and be sure to mention the neurological symptoms.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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