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    Hi Everyone,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this board, so I hope everyone is well. My background is 3 mel in situs since 2010. I’m pretty sure I have DNS, so I have regular check-ups, have done the whole-body photo, go to UPenn once a year…

    So one challenge for me with this background is that I’m a lover of scuba. Yeesh. The good news is, though, that I’m in a full wet suit most of the time, so when I return from vacation my skin looks like I’ve been working in a darkroom most of the time. :)

    The trick, though, is the swim out to the reef. It’s usually not all that far, and I’m always wearing sunscreen on my face, but I would like to have some type of hat that I could wear and then crumple up and put in my vest when I descend into deeper waters. I’ve been looking at some possibilities on collibar, and I like the visor style, but I don’t know if it would crumple up. The bucket hat looks like it might, but I don’t know about how stylish it looks — at least for me. Good god, really, I don’t know if the fish give a rat! ha! But if anyone has any experience with these or other hats they can recommend, I would love to hear it!

    My best to all,



    Not only a full suit but I even dive with a hat. Its an old hat, from nylon with a little soft brim. Somewhere between a bucket-hat and a brimmed hat. I put my mask-strap over the hat. You have to make sure the hat has venting holes,or some mesh material, otherwise the air from breathing out will get trapped in your hat. For swimming I use a Columbia sportswear hat, but that brim is a bit to wide for diving, but is foldable, and could be used for swimming out, fold in under your dive-suit when you start your dive, and use it after surfacing. Ive been practicing this for 2 years now, and my dive-buddies, the fish and myself are used to this image…..



    Swim hat suggestions:

    1. Roof

    2. Dusk

    3. Starlight

    When I was a child, I got my worst sunburns on mid-day swimming expeditions, so I’m an anti-fun-in-the-sun kind of guy. ;)

    Catherine Poole

    Good to hear from you Mary! I remember you well. It has been a challenge for me this summer because of the heat and intense sun. I have to be out at times to take care of my farm. Anyway take a look at our Seal of Approval companies, many have an excellent choice of hats (like Sunday Afternoons) here is the link: http://melanomainternational.org/who-we-are/mifs-seal-of-approval/#.UfKHGnbD9Ms


    Thanks all! Just got back from the dive trip yesterday. Excellent, excellent time. So…. here is my dive hat! ha! The soft-focus makes it look like some glamour shot or something, but it’s really water on the lens. I don’t mind that it makes it harder to see my wrinkles, though! 😆 The hat worked like a charm, and I felt so much better. It kept its shape, too, when I would wear it outside of the water. I also bought a dive skin (50 SPF) while I was there just to go into the ocean to snorkel or jump in the pool. I also washed a bunch of clothes in that washing-machine stuff to make them SPF.

    In addition to all of the other fears/worries/traumas that go along with any type of mel diagnosis, I was so saddened by the thought of not getting to enjoy the summers. I am realizing that taking precautions like the skin/hat, etc., really is not too hard, and it feels great to be careful and at the same time enjoy life. I have my check up at UPenn this week, and I bet he won’t be able to tell I’ve been at the beach. :)

    I wish everyone the best at pursuing life’s pleasures and staying healthy all at the same time.

    With warmth,



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