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    Hi, all,

    I have posted before about my mom who has mets in her spinal canal. We have decided to travel to the US to get the treatment. Catherine, thank you for the suggestion. I have contacted UCLA and they are working on this with me.

    The problem I have now is my mom’s condition is very bad now and it is getting worse very fast. Today a friend who is a doctor suggested that I should not bring her to the US because she would not be able to endure this long trip. He basically meant there is nothing I can do now. My mom cannot hear now and is having problems seeing. I think the tumors are in her neck too now because she has pain in her neck. She is not conscious most of the time (but she can still eat when I feed her) and is very weak. I am struggling now because I really want to try this new drug. She had two quasi-seizers today (I am not sure what that was without hyperspasmia). Can anyone give me some suggestions? Will she be allowed to take the flight? Thank you very much!



    Dear Rong,

    Your Doctor friend can see you and your mother, he knows you, we are not in that position. So it is difficult to say anything.

    However your mother does sound very ill, to fly long haul one has to have a fitness to fly. I think someone who has periods of unconciousness will not get this fitness to fly certificate.

    Even if you went to the US for treatment it would not be curative. She would again need a fitness to fly certificate after any possible treatment to return home. Or of course you might decide to stay in the US if you were allowed the visa to stay till no more treatment was necessary.

    I would talk again to your doctor friend who knows you and your family personally, it might be that your mother is very close to death indeed and then you would have to take into consideration all of wishes she might have had to be with her family at this time.

    You are in a very hard position , but I would be surprised if your mother could fly, at all now. Although maybe in a private Lear jet at low altitude. The fits will be made worse in a plane at high altituded due to the lack of oxygen.

    I am sorry my answer is not what you would want to hear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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