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    Please tell me whether this therapy is effective in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes melanoma?


    No one will make you any guarantees, but TIL protocol is one of the most promising. Tel Hashomer team is very experienced in TIL.

    Catherine Poole

    In fact there aren’t any good statistics on the TIL therapy yet. It is a grueling therapy that can be very hard to tolerate. It requires inpatient stay and high does IL2. It has not been tested in a randomized trial against the new therapies. I’ve dealt with many who did not respond and only know a few (2) who did respond. The numbers are indeed low and the therapy very expensive. For the newer therapies there are randomized clinical trials where one therapy is pitted against another in large numbers of patients. I will become a believer when I see that happen with TIL.


    I received this therapy during a clinical trial at NIH in 2011. They make you jump through a lot of hurdles to receive this treatment. You must be in overall good health other than the cancer. It was horrible as I had the worst pain I have ever had in my life during the treatment. It did not work as I had growth. I had a bad experience with a Dr. there.

    On the plus side, my oncologist now says he thinks it helped somewhat, because I have had no growth for a year and he thinks it may be a late response to the TIL. However, I had Yervoy after the TIL. Who knows?


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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