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    This is Amanda 78 here is Switzerland; I moved here 2 months ago after being diagnosed as a Stage 1B in May 2012 in Canada.

    I had a deep shave biopsy on upper limb which revealed a 1.45mm 3 mitoses melanoma. Since it wasn’t an excisional biospsy, I will never know for 100% certaintly if this is my true Breslow. The SLNB and WLE did not reveal further melanoma.

    I decided to go ahead and join my husband here in Switzerland. I am being followed by Dr Dummer – melanoma specialist here. He recommended regular US to check for possible metastatic disease. I have gone through one full ultrasound which included – neck, breasts, abdomen, underarms, groin. It took + 1 hour and the Dr performing the US admitted that he wasnt quite convinced as to the detective value of this modality for melanoma. This has left me confused. What evidence is there that US will assist in identifing distal disease? Would you have this done every 3 months if you could? I plan to go back in March for another session but I am skeptical at the scientific value of this follow-up. Any thoughts?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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