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    I am 3 wks out from my Abdominal surgery which included incisional hernia repair, a few fixes to other defects caused by adhesions and clipping of an intercostal nerve. It was also to include trying to relocate my rectus muscle back to where it belonged. It was moved during a flap graft surgery and I suffered almost continuous abd spasms since that surgery 3 yrs ago. I was amazed at how well I felt after this surgery since the Plastic Surgeon who underplays everything said it was going to be worse than the previous 2 surgeries he did. At my appt Fri I inquired about how successful the rectus muscle relocation was and I was told it couldn’t be moved at all due to massive scar tissue. I was told this after the surgery but I was “under the influence” and didn’t remember. Now I know why my post op recovery was easier despite a 9 inch incision. No walk in the park but I was able to drive to our S.C. Beach house myself 2 days ago which is an 8 hr drive. 1 day recovery and I’m feeling pretty good. I am discouraged about the results of surgery because According to Surgeon I will likely suffer abd spasms the rest of my life requiring Valium when they are at their worst. Valium makes them melt away but restricts my activity – no driving and very sleepy. I will hold off PET 1 more month since false positives from surgery would be an issue. I still have at least 2 active nodes at March PET but stable and I hope for no more surprises. Treatment decisions will be determined then. Hope all of my Melanoma buddies are doing well.

    Mary Sue

    Catherine Poole

    Driving 8 hours is some feat! After surgery even more taxing. Hope the spasms get better and that there might be some mindful meditation technique that might help you. Enjoy your vacation!! You deserve some really good relaxation!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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