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    Hi there, this is Jeanine again. I just wanted to update about my mom since it’s been a while since we’ve posted. My mom is doing good right now. She’s been on Zelboraf for a little over 6 straight weeks. After the horrible rash experience, and 3 days in the hospital, she took a break from Zelboraf for about 10 days. Then Dr. Daud thought she should start it up again starting at 3 pills instead of 4, then increasing to 4 after a week. This time no rash! She is still having some side effects. The joint pain in her feet, legs, and arms is terrible at times, and she sometimes gets nauseated and has no appetite. She is also getting the skin carcinomas, which are removed every month when she gets her scans. She had her first scans about 2 weeks ago and there is no new growth of any of the tumors. We are holding onto this good news and hoping the next scans will show the tumors shrinking. For those who don’t know, my mom has 2 small tumors in her lungs, one tiny one in her liver, and a “web” of small tumors in her brain. We are not sure what the next step will be. Now that the brain mets are stable we can consider clinical trials again. Mom’s next scans will be in 2.5 weeks. It’s been difficult for all of us because my husband and I had to return to Tennessee to resume school, so my parents have been on their own in Nevada for a while. They will be traveling out to see us in a few weeks. My mom is very strong, but my dad has trouble coping sometimes. My mom always jokes that she has to take care of him and not the other way around. We really appreciate this forum and all the support!


    Hi Jeanine,

    I am glad to see your post letting us know how your mother is doing. It must be extremely difficlut not being ablle to take of your parents, especially your mother.

    After her next scans, and when she is visiting you, you might want to consider continuing with Zelboraf in Tenn. or getting into a trial in Tenn. That way your mother would have the comfort of being with you & Justin during these difficult times. There are a few centers of excellence in Tenn. that would give your mother the best of care. I think that Dr. Daud would recommend that your mother could get great care at another site in Tenn.

    I know that you & Justin could breathe easier if you could take care ofyour mother,

    Good Luck and please keep us posted on your mother. We all care & you are in our prayers.


    Shirley Z

    Hi Jeanie,

    I know first hand how difficult it is to deal with an illness of a family member. Especially when they do not live closeby. My heart goes out to you.

    It sounds like your mom is a real fighter and if they are willing to make the transition to TN as James suggested, it could be an option.

    Wishing you mom success in her battle.

    Shirley Z

    Shirley Z

    Sorry for the typo on your name!



    Had a portion of the entanglements I was cautioned about yet nothing genuine, only feel a bit bad on occasion. Appears now cancer isn’t reacting to the Zelboraf and I am now searching for options.

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    Catherine Poole

    Is the combination of MEK and Zelboraf not available? How about immunotherapy?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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