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    Update on Zelboraf may have stopped working forum.

    I had brain surgery on Wed. She successfuly removed the only met left in there, complete success. It was malignant melanoma so good choice to take it out this time. No complications, slight headache, going home today, Friday! Had found lump in breast and doc thought it was reoccurance and Zel had stopped working but good news! No Cancer in breasts, positively! Diagnosed with metastatic Melanoma 2 yrs ago with 7 lesions in lungs, 2 on liver, one in pelvis and 3 brain mets. 3 to 6 mos to live, As of this moment I am Cancer FREE! Starting back on Zel on Monday, lets pray for it’s continued success! Dr. Heimberger, neurosurgeon, her staff, Dr. Bedikian, my oncologist and his staff and all the wonderful people who always take such good care of me at MD Anderson in Houston–Thank you so much, you are the best! :D :D


    You must be so relieved…you finally got a break. You have been through so much!. We all love to hear about sucess stories in fighting this awful disease. It is a beacon of hope for all! I am praying that you continue to be NED!


    A Big Congrats to you and your team. My I ask about your oncologist at MD. Anderson? Brent is seeing Dr. Falchook in the clinical trial department. He has been on the GSK MEK trial with him for 29 months. He is having a brain scan on the 21st and of course there is some concern with each test. But your story helps a lot in knowing that a met in the brain is not the end.

    Keep up the good work and take care of yourself. I hope you are going to something to celebrate NED.

    Sharon and Brent


    Thank you Lizand Sharon, it is great to be alive!

    Sharon, I see Dr. Bedikian, he is, shall we say ‘very mature’! He is the oldest but the most experienced too, everyone wants Dr. Papadopolis, or Dr. Papa, he has wonderful bedside manners and acts like your papa, very knoweldgeable too. Dr. B is a little more serious and very hard to understand sometimes but he has done a great job for me. Sounds like your husband has had good success so far, let us know how the scans turn out.

    I was off Zelboraf for about a wk for the surgery and just started up again today. My rash has gone away and I haven’t had any joint pain for several days, wish it could stay like that, but it’s tuff trying to stay alive! Anyway, no scans for 3 mos. Let’s hope Zel keeps working!

    Prayers to you both! and ti Liz


    Happy to read your update and continued success.



    Thx Dick

    Just a thought, I do a lot of that lately, I read that article about HGF and then did a quick search on what causes HGF deficiences. If I understand it right, one of the reasons for our HGF level to be low is aging. Maybe that is part of the reason the Zel is working so well for us. I am 57 so I am thinking that my levels are probably a lot lower than say a 30 yr old.

    I am excited about them researching this more. I am just fascinated with all the developments of late for Melanoma and other cancers. I hope to see some new trials come out about this. Anyway, just thought that was interesting.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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