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    1991 – First melanoma removed from back

    2005 – 2nd melanoma, brain surgery (on dura of brain, that’s a good thing..)

    2006-2009 – one or so melanomas per year, surgically removed

    2010-present – two or more per year, inoperable ones radiated via Varian TrueBeam aka stereotactic radiation

    So totals are over 20, 3 requiring craniotomies, 5 sites radiated, rest removed surgically. Major organs affected brain(3), lung(1) and heart(pericardium)(1).

    1st clinical study GSK 2118436 (2011) No side effects, well, my straight hair got a little thinner and a lot curlier.

    2nd clinical study BMS-982470 (2012) Side effect is mostly fatigue, especially first two weeks of each cycle.

    Next week is my last (4th) cycle. While I am still working at a large corporation, I have been taking most of the week off each of the starting cycle weeks. No need to fight the fatigue, it wins. ;-) Exercise helps…but easier said than done. nap time …

    Currently I have two small mets that are being evaluated.

    Looking forward to a few more scans.

    Catherine Poole

    Thanks for the update Craig. I like your sense of humor, something that isn’t easy to maintain with all you have been through. I hope your path gets a little smoother and hey, naps can be a wonderful thing. Keep in touch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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