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    Organizations like yours can be helpful only if they refuse to be agents for drug companies and the brand name medical centers. Cancer patients need resources that are truly independent – unfortunately, your last reply reflects the industry standard position against natural/alternative health. To say there is no evidence in support of supplements or treatments except for vitamin D is simply dismissive – it’s not even close to the truth. Referencing the self-serving (and willfully ignorant) position of the Mayo Clinic is a disservice to cancer patients, who need to take advantage of both conventional and natural healthcare. You are in such a key position, Catherine, and I urge you to review your motives, your purpose and the opportunity you have to help cancer patients!



    Catherine Poole

    Sorry, I have to disagree. I help many patients, daily and for many years. I am far from influenced by industry and large clinics. I will tell you that Mayo is one of the few that isn’t overly bought out as are some of the others I know of, they are independently wealthy and one of the first to say interferon is worthless. But you must know the private clinics you are seeking and their “natural” remedies all have BIG industry behind them. The profit motive is prevalent in medicine and isn’t just a part of traditional medicine by any means but even more so where folks pay out of pocket. Keep your eyes wide open to claims that seem too good to be true.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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