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    hello there,

    sorry for my English but I am a man ( 42 ) from Belgium and I am french speaking.

    In november 2012, I had my diagnostic : 2,4mm deep melanoma in my back with one nodule under my left arm ( all have then be removed and the rest were ok ).

    My oncologist said : stage 3a.

    Each 3 months, my lungs, blood, liver, lympahtic areas, and brain (that one only each 6 months ) are checked.

    Next controls will take place this 09th of October.

    For 2 days now ( it very new then), I’ve got sometimes diziness ( “vertiges” in french ) and losses of balance, and the most important ones happens when I am laying on my bed…curious. Sometimes it is even quite strong but fortuntelly painless.

    Just be honest please, I need and I am ready to read true testimonies.

    Is it possible that it is due to metastases that are taking place in my brain?

    Thanks in advance for all you answers,

    Catherine Poole


    Your English is just fine. I’m not certain about your vertigo (dizzyness) but it can be attributed to inner ear or other issues besides the brain. Who do you see in Brussels? Bart Neyns is excellent and on our scientific board. He would be good to see. Tell us more.


    Sorry to hear you are going through this.

    My understanding is that when melanoma hits the brain it can cause very severe headaches that don’t seem to go away. That’s one of the main symptoms. I’ve also read where some people get seizures. I am not a medical doctor or a nurse. What I’ve told you is what I’ve learned from reading patient accounts on melanoma forums. There probably are other symptoms, depending on what part of the brain is affected.

    Since you are having scans and tests performed on the 9th, it’s possible that you may be experiencing some anxiety. What you described does sound consistent with that.

    But melanoma is very tricky and it would not be wise to automatically assume it is anxiety. I would document these episodes and be prepared to discuss them with your doctor on the 9th.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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