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    Hello, all. I went for a skin check appointment today and am a bit concerned about a mole. The doctor pointed out that a mole on the top of my foot was irregular in color . . . blackish on one edge, lighter brown, then a pinkish/pale area on the other edge. He mentioned that it was showing signs of “losing color” and that was concerning to him. he took tissue for a biopsy and I should hear back next week.

    I looked back on a photo I happened to take in June when I sunburned my feet badly on a trip to Mexico and, sure enough, there is a visible white spot on one edge. Has anyone else had this happen? I didn’t realize that was a “warning sign”.

    As some background info – I am a blue eyed redhead with lots of freckles. My Dad had melanoma on his face. Luckily, it had not metastasized, but he had two fairly extensive excisions (including removing most of his eyelid) before they got clean margins. He then had extensive skin grafting and some sort of topical ointment treatment??? Anyway, he developed a primary brain tumor two years later that turned out to be very aggressive and he died just 34 days after diagnosis, so no telling whether his melanoma would have come back.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any info on the loss of pigmentation on the edge? Is this more indicative of melanoma than other types of color changes? Am I just being paranoid, LOL?? I’m not good at waiting for the results of biopsies . . .

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Catherine Poole

    Welcome to our forum. I have not heard of this lack of pigment having any correlation with melanoma. What type of biopsy did you have? Where are you going for treatment. I hope you have the results soon so you may move on. However, we often suggest you get a second opinion on biopsies, so you might think of that too. I’m so sorry to hear about your father and I’m sure that has you extra worried as well. Let us know your biopsy results and how we can help you. In the meantime, know you are not alone and we have all experienced the anxiety of waiting!


    Melanoma can look in so many diffrent ways..

    you are on the right path getting it checked.. good luck.


    Thanks for the welcome and the support. I did some more reading last night, and I guess a regression of color can occur when the melanoma activates immune cells. The color can regress to the point that the mole almost disappears, which makes it really dangerous because it makes it hard to diagnose. However, it looks like there is no consensus on the significance of color regression with regard to prognosis.

    Catherine, I am being seen at the University of Utah. They have an associated cancer clinic (Huntsman Cancer Institute) that includes a melanoma specialty group, as there is a very high rate of familial melanoma in Utah. The Dr. who treated my dad is the head of that clinic and is supposed to be pretty good, so if it turns out to be melanoma, I will probably go to him. He did his internship at MD Anderson and does quite a bit of publishing on melanoma research. The same Cancer Institute took care of my dad when he had his brain tumor.

    Gee, that was probably way more info that you wanted, LOL!


    Good luck lellis!

    I am also sorry for the loss of your dad.

    Keep monitoring yourself for changes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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