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    I am still having problems when I am using Firefox browser on the website. I log in and then get a message that I have successsfully logged in. Then when I try to post a reply, I am brought back to the log in page. I keep logging in successfully yet it will not let me post a reply.

    In order to post this new topic, I had to use Internet Explorer browser. I suggest your webmaster try to log in & then post a reply using Firefox browser.

    This Firefox browser problem has continued for 2 weeks now.I hope the your webmaster can fix the problem. Perhaps, before going live with a new website, the webmaster can do more testing to get the “bugs” out , before going “live” with the new website.

    Catherine, just use ” Firefox” browser and try to post a reply to a post and you will see the problem.


    I am using firefox and I have no problem. I suggest you check settings or run virus scan.


    This reply is also using Firefox

    Catherine Poole

    We did have the webmaster check this out and as the others reported, no issue was found using the firefox browser. Sorry for you inconvenience and I hope you find a solution.


    Just for good measure I have just logged in with Firefox on my Mac. All seems to be well, especially if this post shows up! :D


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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