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    It all started in mid-september (two months ago) when I noticed diffuse scalp itching and hair thinning. I got blood work on Oct. 1. All normal.

    I went to a doctor in late October. At the crown of my scalp, the sweet spot of my itching/thinning, he found a mole. The doctor said it was benign.

    The mole on my scalp has grown. It itches more than ever.

    Then things got worse. The past couple weeks it’s taken me a couple seconds longer than usual to being urination. I also urinate more often, waking up in the middle of the night to urinate.

    Today I’m noticing slight pressure in my pelvis. I also have the urge to poop a little more often than usual, though this could be from anxiety (?).

    My current theory is that the mole was melanoma, which has swollen the lymph nodes in my prostate. I’m hoping that some of the strange excretory systems might simply be anxiety-related.

    I’m doing everything possible to see a doctor for a mole biopsy, more blood work etc. But it’s unbelievably hard to get an appointment (i.e. my derm said the waiting list is “1 year”).

    So I’m asking if anyone can make sense of the systems? Does melanoma affect the prostate? Could melanoma affect the lymph nodes around the pelvis? Could an itchy mole on the scalp be related to the prostate?

    Also, do I need to see a derm for the mole biopsy or can other types of doctors perform it?


    Hi questiontoask,

    You probably don’t need a biopsy, unless there was something suspicious about the mole itself. Just being in the centre of an area of itchy skin with funny hair is probably not enough to make a mole suspicious. If you are unsure about your doctor’s advice, you can ask to be referred to a dermatologist to have a look at your mole and advise you about your itchy scalp area. In any case, no need to panic … just see your doc again if you remain in doubt.

    Best wishes,



    I appreciate your insight so much Wendy. You’ve put me at ease.

    Just one question. My understanding was that itching/growth of a mole typically meant melanoma.

    So what circumstances should raise concern? That is, given that it might take a while for a doctor to get me in, what circumstances would make it appropriate to visit the ER?

    Thank you.

    Catherine Poole

    I would find another dermatologist who will see you promptly. What may indicate melanoma is a change in a mole, growth etc. Itchiness isn’t necessarily a sign. As for your other symptoms, highly doubtful they are related, but do go to the doctor to get them checked out! I know it is scary to be prodded etc, but once you know what is going on you will have less anxiety. Let us know what you find out.


    Thank you. And I will.

    Lisa P

    Where do you live that an appointment to get a biopsy would take one year? For that alone, I would seek another dermatologist’s opinion. That seems totally outrageous! The sooner you get everything checked out (all your issues) the sooner you’ll be able to rest easy. In the meantime, I’m sending good thoughts your way. Take good care and please keep us posted! Lisa

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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