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    I’m new to this forum. I was diagnosed with MM on the back of my left shoulder in Feb 2013. Unfortunately my dermatologist did a shave biopsy, so the true Breslow thickness was lost when the visibly remaining tumor and two satellites were lost when a scab formed. I only have my initial path report from the shave biopsy to go by. Not less than .74 mm, Clark III-IV, non brisk lymphocytes, regression. Excisional biopsy, after scab was lost, showed no tumor present. I went to Mayo Clinic in April 2013 to have SNB and WLE. A capsular nevus was found in one of four nodes removed, but no metastic disease was present.

    This leads to my question. My WLE scar has slowly widened since April. My scar has been red and pink until about a month ago when I noticed a blueish spot right in the center (where the MM was). Our family went on vacation, and I wasn’t inspecting my scar regularly like I do at home. Once we got home, I realized the blue spot had gotten darker and more defined. My dermatologist doesn’t have an appointment available for a month. So, I’m going to see my regular MD to see what he thinks. He may just give me a referral to someone else. I’d hate to drive all the way back to Mayo for normal scar discoloration. Has anyone had a recurrence that looked ths way? This dark spot as definitley got me worried all over again.


    I’ve been in your position. I had a bump arise right in the middle of the WLE scar. By that point, the scar itself was almost invisible from a distance. Now, however, I have a deep shave scar that will probably always be there. It turned out to be folliculitis.

    Still, I’m glad I had it done. I’ll take that scar any day over the lost time I would have spent worrying that I was having a recurrence. I guess my advice is to find a derm or other doctor you trust and have it removed if this makes you that nervous.


    I had something on my scar that turned out to be a ruptured hair follicle. My scar went through all sorts of changes over time.

    Catherine Poole

    Good idea to get it checked, but as the others mentioned, all kinds of spots can show up in the scar area that aren’t melanoma. Let us know what the GP thinks.. you could also push the derm to see you now rather than later. They can squeeze you in for this I would think.


    This sounds like something I’d get checked asap. Call your derm office and leave a msg for actually derm, don’t just speak to the receptionist. I’m sure they can work you in quicker – any good derm would. Thinking of you!

    Lisa P

    Just checking back to see what you found out about the spot on your scar. Sending good thoughts your way, Lisa P


    Looks like Navianl hasn’t logged in since the day

    that post made. Too bad. I was very interested in how

    life was going same as Lisa. Wishing the very best.

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