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    I received a diagnosis of melanoma today when I went following excision biopsy of lesion on my face which my dermatologist said could be solar keratosis or squamous cell, so quite shocked as I thought that originated in a mole which this didn’t.

    He did an immediate larger excision as it wasn’t all out first time. Is that likely to be a WLE?

    I go back for follow up in four weeks but he says no further treatment needed at this stage. Does that sound reasonable. It was 1.6mm deep and it had probably ulcerated in the early stage and when they did cryosurgery on what they thought was solar keratosis 5 months ago.

    He said it was partly growing down as well as up. He felt my lymph nodes in my neck and they seemed fine.

    Can anyone say whether I’m likely to need any further investigations at this stage? Thanks for any help,

    Catherine Poole

    Do you have the pathology report on this? I am wondering what kind of melanoma it was? I would get that from the derm. Where are you going for treatment? It sounds a bit off the norm as to what is happening with the procedures. But let’s go over your pathology report first. We are definitely here to help you.



    Thank you for your reply.

    I live in the uk and am under a dermatologist here.

    I wasn’t given the pathology report but my dermatologist just read it and summarised it to me.

    Basically he said it was 1.6 mm thick, was partly growing inwards (?) and was of medium seriousness.

    When I asked for the prognosis, he said it had a 20% chance of returning and that would be bad.

    He felt my neck to check my lymph nodes and all seemed ok, but told me to keep checking.

    I guess I will have to find out more details when the second biopsy results are available when I see the dermatologist in four weeks.

    Thank you again.


    Wishing you well; the uncertainty and waiting and the conflicting information are all anxiety provoking. I hope you get good news soon. Karen

    Catherine Poole

    At that depth in the US you would have a SEntinel Node Biopsy. Is that not available to you? Are they following your nodes by ultrasound?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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