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    As you can see I am new to the forum and still trying to find my place in this new world I find myself

    I had a biopsy done late July from forehead, pathology report is SSM that exhibits focal invasion of papillary dermis. Clark level 2. Breslow thickness 0.33mm. Superficial dermal fibrosis and à mild chronic inflammatory infiltrate consistent with a component of regression. Excision appears complete, no evidence of ulceration, perineural or vascular invasion.

    Biopsy done by GP

    Excision completed by plastic surgeon in August with clear pathology.

    Dermatologist said it was low risk and my greatest risk was another melanoma. He has recommended checks every 4 to 6 months I will go every 4 for peace of mind. He said it is hard to write a nightmare story about 0.33 mm melanoma.

    I have struggled with this since diagnosis and just getting into a little bit better space when….

    Surgeon undertakes 3 month review; surgery wound looks good but he thinks he may be able to feel something in the lymph nodes, very small and not certain but has sent me for an ultrasound.

    Then and there the other shoe feels like it has dropped.

    I go to the ultrasound tomorrow but in my mind this has gone from low risk to something much worse

    I must admit I can’t find anything but the surgeon is obviously more experienced tha me

    Any thoughts that assist would be appreciated

    Please note I am in Australia rather than US

    I hope this is not too dramatic



    Your pathology is almost identical to mine. . I was diagnosed a year and a half ago. . I would be very surprised for anything to be in your lymph node. . I was told too it’s low risk, 95-98% survival rate.


    Thanks I am trying hard to believe that it is most likely not Mel – it has taken me nearly 4 months to believe there is hope and I was confident going to the surgeon that it was OK and this rocked my outlook I seem to have had a big mental set back. I suppose this is part of my new reality and I have to learn to manage it – not looking easy at present

    I really take my hat off to those that are more advanced and maintain a positive outlook absolutely amazing people.

    Catherine Poole

    My melanoma was far more risky than yours and I went through few of these scares. I had an expert doc say he thought one of my nodes was swollen and then a very experienced doc immediately say it was not an issue. So these scares come and go but you are low risk and highly unlikely to see this disease again as long as you have frequent skin exams (and self exams) We are here to reassure you and guide you, so please check back and let us know how the ultrasound goes.


    I personally feel that if your breslow depth is correct at 0.33 then this won’t be melanoma in your lymph node. I know how hard it is not to worry about everything. I had 3 melanomas in the space of 2 years and I also worried myself sick most days. But I promise that it does get better with time. You will become more and more confident as time goes by that your 0.33 melanoma will probably never come back to haunt you – after all, it is very early … :D


    Thank You Catherine and AngelaM for your reassuring words.

    I hope you are correct the stress is terrible but I am sure you know that.

    I am like most people I assume, this was not part of the plan and then it hits you. My research and advice certainly back up what you are saying, so here’s hoping you are right.

    Catherine Poole

    Stress and anxiety are very normal. You might try looking into mindful meditation (Jon Kabat-Zinn) pioneered this for cancer patients and it works! It is a matter of clearing you mind from overthinking which is a formidable task. Also, you might ask your GP for a anxiety meds to get you through this stressful time. Stress is hard on the mind and body and no one should have to suffer it. Have a restful Thanksgiving and live in the moment!


    Thanks to all

    Ultrasound fine


    Awesome news !!!!

    Catherine Poole

    Great news. I hope your stress levels have subsided and you can have a wonderful weekend.

    Lisa P

    Hooray!!!! You made my day. :-) Lisa

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