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    Hello people..

    My name is Robert from Romania and I am trying to help my girlfrind’s mother from Moldavia who is suffering from last stage of melanoma cancer. She was diagnosticated with this life disorder I think 7 years ago. From that time, she suffered 4 operations.

    Yesterday she was in Chisinau, the doctors from there told her it is nothing they can do, because the nerv is affected (I think the nerv from the leg?) and the disease continues upper in the bowels. She has a growth smaller than a tenis ball, located between left leg and pelvis. Also at this moment she has a pain there and she hardly can sleep. Is that possible that nothing can be done? Nothing?? I am wondering if doctors from Chisinau heard about Zelboraf. Or maybe they do not even recomend this drug, because they know people can’t afford it in this poor country.

    I read that Zelboraf is working just on BRAF V600. No I do not have a clue what kind of mutation is suffering her poor mother (I will find this days), but if v600 it is not present, what options does she have? Or how much Zelboraf can help in this difficult situation?

    Catherine Poole

    I would like you to send me a private email so I can forward to our sister organization in Brussels. They may be able to direct you further better than I. Email me: cpoole@melanomainternational.org

    Zelboraf, the BRAf/Mek combo are for folks with Braf mutations in their tumor. The immunotherapies, IPI and PD1 are other options. Germany would be tops for therapies. But please send me an email and we can see what is nearby you. (Please look at our Global list too: http://melanomainternational.org/web-resources/global-resources


    Hello Catherine, did you received my email?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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