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    Hi all just an update about my Yervoy. I received my initial dose on 4/22 but by the time came for my 2nd I had developed neuropathy symptoms so Yervoy on hold while I started 100 Mg Prednisone. I told Shirley Z in a email that I am an evil woman on Prednisone! My poor family looks at me and I can tell they are thinking which Mary Sue I am going to be. The angry screaming One, the tearful sad one or the one who can’t talk about anything. When my husband comes home he knows not to try to talk to me if I have my ipod and headphones on. Anyway fast taper of Prednisone has started and neuropathy symptoms are gone so in 2 weeks I should be getting second dose. The Yervoy side effects have kicked in. Neck nodes are very large and some new ones decided to join the party. No appetite at all even on Prednisone. Some episodes of severe fatigue where it feels like someone is sitting on me. I am averaging 3-4 hours sleep due to Prednisone. I am the 1st Yervoy patient at the local infusion vented. BMS gave staff an inservice on it and I have had a different nurse each blood draw(every week) and infusion. My Onc wants everyone there to have experience with it and no matter who I have they all stop by and ask how I am. BMS is calling them every week to get my labs and see how I am doing. They also call me every week. I guess this is uncharted territory for them since no studies were done on autoimmune pts. Going to our little bungalow in S.C. this w/e.

    Can’t wait. Just my husband and I!

    Shirley Z

    Hi Mary Sue,

    You enjoy that getaway. Whenever you get in that evil mood, you just shoot me an e-mail. I’m here for you.

    I hope with the tapering of the steroids you will start feeling better. Hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation.

    Hugs my friend,

    Shirley Z

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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