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    Hi All,

    Thanks for your excellent support here. Dad completed 5 days of radiation (400 cgy x 5 = 2000). It has definitely helped his pain. He completed it last Tuesday and by Thursday was remarking how much less his pain has become. I think it is too soon to tell if it will reduce the size of the tumors, I surely hope so.

    Thanks Sylvia and Jeff B and Catherine for your encouragement in seeking this treatment. It’s really scary when everything is new and you can’t understand how it is going to work and you fear making things worse for someone who is already dealing with so much discomfort.

    So far, so good.


    Catherine Poole

    Laura, so happy to hear this news! It is so much better when you have folks who have preceded you in experience. That’s why the people here can be so helpful. Hope your dad continues to pain free status!


    Yes! :D :D


    So glad to hear!!!! :D :D :P :P



    Good to hear the radiotherapy helped your Dad!! With Peter it also worked wonders, both on pain and on tumor size- I only wished we had made more use of it at an earlier stage. Whether it is palliative or not, if it reduces pain and discomfort I think it should be done!

    All the best to your Dad and your family,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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