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    Hello there

    Is there anyone out there that progressed on Zelboraf with Brain mets and saw shrinkage or became ned with Braf / Mek combo afterwards




    My husband has progressed on Zelboraf after good response for several months. His doc said the other BRAF (dabrafenib I guess, or whatever they decided to call it after trial) + Mek combo might work for him, but he also added that there was no data so he has no evidence that it might work. So I am pursuing the PD-1 EAP.

    Like you, I am very interested to hear if anyone else has tried the other Braf/Mek combo.


    Hi Maggie & Karen – my husband was successful with Zelboraf for 9 months before he saw progression. Followed Zelboraf with Ipi and experienced a mixed response. He has been on varying doses of Dabrafenib since Sept 2013 – now finally at the full dose – and has had reduction in his tumor burden. Still trying to introduce the MEK drug but he has had issues with fevers/chills and low blood pressure. Since the Dabrafenib was introduced after Ipi, I am not sure exactly which treatment we can attribute his response to. Maybe a mix of the Ipi and Dabrafenib. Hope to move to PD 1 once available in our area since he’s had so many issues with the Dabrafenib/MEK combo. Take care!



    Thanks Karen and Marta for the feedback

    My sister progressed on Zelboraf , she developed brain mets after 9 months then was given IPI with no success, since we are in Europe she cannot go access Anti pd1

    The combo is not approved either but we managed to find a trial in Brussels .

    Fingers crossed.

    Wishing you health and hapiness



    My sister in law was on Zelboraf for around 4 months and had good response in the body but developed multiple brain mets. She did whole brain radiation and then started on BRAF/MEK. The brain mets have stabalized and had a bit of shrinkage but it is hard to know if the response is from radiation or the drugs. She continues to have good response in the body (lung and breast mets). My question now is whether to try to jump on a Pd-1 trial while things are stable in the brain, because if the BRAK/Mek stops working and things are unstable she won’t qualify for a trial (and the Pd-1 results seem to suggest more long lasting responses). She hasn’t tried Ipi yet either but I’m worried about the slow response time if things start to grow again. Of course on the other hand it seems counter-intuitive to stop a treatment that seems to be keeping things stable for a trial that may or may not work. Has anyone else been in this dilemma?


    Catherine Poole


    I know the dilemma you face with your sister in law as do many here. The issue is to get on the Merck Expanded Access PD1, you must fail IPI. So while things are stable, it might be a good idea to get on IPI so she can move to the PD1 in the future if need be. I hope all does remain stable for her.

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