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    My husband has been taking the full dose of Zelboraf since 8/30/11, with few side effects. Everything has been smooth sailing for 14 months. Last Thursday he became very confused and disoriented. An MRI yesterday confirmed our worst fears, he has several small tumors in his brain. But the Zelboraf is still working on his previous tumors. Has anyone else encountered this? The Dr. told him to continue to take the full dose of Zelboraf. We see a radiation oncologist today to discuss what we can do for the brain mets.

    Catherine Poole

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Yes, we have yet to find a good therapy to prevent brain mets. Radiation is the best treatment, especially stereo-tactic radiation (gamma knife) We had a webinar on this subject you may want to watch, go to our webinars in BLUE above. Let us know how the appointment goes..we’re here to support you.


    Hi CRBurton28

    After 7 years fighting melanoma, my own circumstances took a turn for the worse recently when I had a very similar experience to yours. Ironically, myself and my Onc had only just taken the decision to start Ipi in November when I began to experience neuro symptoms very similiar to those that you describe. CT and MRI showed that I had developed 2 lesions in the front lobe. A change of plan now has me on Dabrafenib (GSK BRAF inhibitor that has shown to be unexpectedly effective with brain mets in trials). At the moment this is working for me – in the first 9 days, both mets have shrunk to half their original size – fingers crossed that this progress continues. I have also has SRS on both mets and await scans in a few weeks to see how successful this has been. I’m not sure how relevant this is to someone that has prior BRAF inhibitor treatment but it may be worth looking into.


    Thank you John for your post. It lifted my husbands spirits greatly to hear things are working for you. He is receiving 15 doses of radiation on his brain. Then he will be rescanned in January to see if the mets have shrunk. Then they will decide whether or not to do the gamma knife. He had to stop taking the Zelboraf while receiving radiation.

    We are hopeful that the Dabrafenib will be FDA approved soon so that he can try that to see if it works in his brain.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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