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    Has anyone received radiation while still taking Zelboraf at a half dose or more? My husbands doctor is considering this but no one is sure what the reaction will be.



    My husband’s oncologist says No Way! There’s a chance of burns with the radiation. He ran one of the trials with Zelboraf, so he’s been using it awile. When my husband had gamma knife (and before any surgeries), he has to come off of the Zelboraf for 5 days, to let it get mostly out of his system.



    I had regional radiotherapy while on full dose of Zelboraf. Although radiation dose was not very high (8 Gr) three days later severe radiodermatitis and burns were developed. Apparently, it was due to Zelboraf (something called re-call syndrome, if I remember correctly). It was painful, itchy and looked bad during first week or two, but nothing serious happened and I treated it just with moisturizers. Burns are still visible, but it looks much better now.

    I guess radiotherapy worked, I can walk again!

    Hope it will help,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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