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    Dear all,

    I’ve posted here before on behalf of my father; Stage IV, had several metastasis, all removed by surgery. This summer he had a new metastasis in his stomach, after which was decided to start Zelboraf and when the tumor would have gotten smaller, they would operate him and remove the remaining part of the tumor.

    My dad started Zelboraf in September, after one week side effects were so bad, he had to take a break for one week, after that continued on reduced dose (3pills/twice a day) End of October he had his first CT scan, showing that the tumor in his stomach is completely gone!!! To ensure that there are no tumor cells left, surgery to remove the part of the stomach where the tumor used to be, is still scheduled. Before that, an MRI and PET scan have been ordered, to make sure the rest of the body+brain is clear.

    Last Monday he had the MRI, yesterday we met with the surgeon to discuss the details of the operation. Than the result of the MRI came, brain all clear but they found a spot in his neck (about 6 mm). Is it actually possible to have new spots when the Zelboraf just proved to work excellent?? He will have a puncture in 2 weeks.

    Any feedback on this or advise on possible next steps are very much appreciated.


    Catherine Poole

    I have heard of this happening, but it is wonderful that the tumor in his stomach is gone. Sometimes the melanoma can sneak around the inhibitor. I hope he continues to do well. Keep in touch.


    Hi Karin,

    unfortunately it is possible to have new spots while other sites are still responding to targeted therapy…. different tumors even within the same person seem to respond differently which makes the whole situation so difficult. It’s also hard to say whether this is really a ‘new’ spot- or one that was just invisible before because it was so small- even the fanciest new imaging technologies can only pick up lesions from a certain size onwards. Good news that the tumor in the stomach is gone though!! Are you considering to move on to some form of immunotherapy? They seem to work best when tumor load is low and your father seems to be in that situation….

    Wishing you and your father all the best,



    Thank you both for your response!

    It is indeed wonderful that one tumor (almost 7 cm!) disappears in only 7 weeks, we assumed that the Zelboraf would control all other new possible things..

    There are a lot of appointments scheduled for November (biopsy, another PET scan, appointment surgery) and at the end of the month we have a big meeting with the oncologist to determine next steps, Ipi or maybe Anti-PD1 will surely be discussed at this point.

    Will keep you posted!



    Wanted to share some good news; the PET scan made last week is all clear and the spot in the neck turns out to be an inflamed lymph gland!

    So next meeting we still meet with the surgeon and our dr. After the surgery my dad is supposed to be NED, not sure if there will be new treatment after or that we have to go back to ‘watch and wait’.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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