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    My husband has been on Zelboraf and we are so grateful that 13 months later, it is still working:). So, lots of experience with side effects. The question is….he’s always had diarrea with Z. It’s worse some days than others, but always there. He never complains and hates to take any more medicine than he has to. Has anyone else had this issue? Any OTC meds? Any foods that help or make it worse? We know cheese and dairy make it worse, but haven’t figured out foods that makes it better. The doctor isn’t concerned, and he really isn’t either, but it’s just one of those constant things that wears on him.

    Catherine Poole

    Haven’t heard this complaint often and that is wonderful he is still responding. Have you tried the BRAT regimen: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast? Rice is especially good remedy. Otherwise, you might go to: http://www.zelboraf.com and look for suggestions. Wishing you continued response!


    So glad to hear about being on Zelboraf for 13 months. Catherine’s advise is good and I can remember the BRAT diet when our children were young.

    I am into my 35th month on Zelboraf and it’s hard to remember a month that I did not have a bout with diarrhea or at least very loose stool. It usually is a one-day event and I just go on with out taking anything for it. Small price to pay.



    Thank you so much. I should have thought of the brat diet…we have 3 young kids. I’ll hs whim try to add in more of those foods and see if it helps. He isn’t too bothered by it, and it certainly is a small price to pay (easy for name to say, huh:)). Anyway, thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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