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    Hi Pam,

    I am new here, too. Diagnosed last Thursday, joined a couple of days ago. Waiting to have WLE. I totally understand how you feel. I have been most hurt by the lightness with which my two closest friends took the news. One actually expressed sympathy, said she did not know much about the disease and was going to inform herself. Called me back after 10 minutes and pretty much said, “Oh, puh-lease…!” like I was whining over a tiny little bit of cancer.

    I also do look at my moles as the new enemy, and then I feel guilty because my body is also my best (only!) tool and I have to cherish it.

    And yes, I cannot get enough of my child right now. My beautiful, beautiful child. We will get through this, Pam – we MUST :)

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    Thank you – I wish the doctor who saw me had told me that clearly. As it was I was left to my own devices, with 10 days time on my hands to do nothing but worry.

    And since I found this site (and read other users alerts about staying away from ad-hoc sources), I have not looked anywhere else.


    Thank you – that was uplifting. :)

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    Thank so much for sharing your experience and advice. I am dreading this wait and fear and anxiety. “My” doctor was neither reassuring nor forthcoming. She just referred me to another doctor for the WLE and said afterwards I had to go back because “there are others [moles] that need looking into”.

    I have in the meantime arranged to have my case file transferred to a different oncology hospital, where they will hopefully be, if not more reassuring, at least more forthcoming.

    The lesion that was removed was on my lower chest. Under mitotic its says “not observed”, regression is “absent”, angioinvasion (?) “not documented” and microscopic distance to the margin “1.5mm”. Conclusion pT1A.

    The first I head of SLNB was on this site. As for pT1A, I first decoded it on Wikipedia… I think you can see why I am changing doctors. It is the new doctor I will be seeing on October 30th, and after reading your replies I will most definitely be asking about SLNB.

    Again, thank you for being there. I am very much struggling here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)