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    Waiting is the hardest part!

    I’m hoping that the scans you have are clear.

    I wish your grandson a very happy birthday.

    And i wish you have a nice weekend without to much worrying.

    A child’s smile usually makes everything so much better :)

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    I had similar times between diagnose and WLE + SNLB.

    Don’t worry, trust the specialist.

    And try to not read all the horror stories that are all over Internet.

    The majority of people with stage 1a diagnosis never have to worry about it again.

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    Thank you for sharing, I hope you will continue seeing reduction in tumors.

    in reply to: more people die from thin melanomas than thick melanomas #65707

    i agree with you Catherine.

    and a pretty weak study, only 4000 data-points and only in Queensland.

    in reply to: SLNB again #65648

    Happy to see that tbeau havent got any reccurence.

    Think we got the diagnosis around the same time.

    Been over 2 years since my first visit to the doctors.

    Sorry for my bad english I so rarly type or talk english.

    Ozgirlinuk having that mole have probably saved you.

    I love how some docs says “it looks fine” and think it shouldnt be removed..

    the doc i first visit said mine didnt look like Melanoma but thought it should be removed just to be sure.

    BTW. I hope your hospital treats you better then mine.. they actully lost the path report from my last mole they removed. and this is one of the best places in sweden to be at, Karolinska Universitet Sjukhuset.

    Got a letter saying it was “normal”. Next appointment when the doc was going to tell me about it he couldnt find the report in my journal.

    And the first plastic surgeon cut alot more then he said he would.. He also failed too cut the translanted skin right, so it died. 2nd surgeon was much much better. She is an amazing doctor and the skin she prepared looked like a net instead of wet toiletpaper with 2 holes in it.

    And the respons i got when whining about it was “we removed so much skin to be safe”. Guess i should think about that when my now 2 year old chronic pain feels bad.

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    Its an odd situation when cancer so often carelessly are thought and talked about as a death sentence and then suddenly they leave your outside in the cold with only revisitis with skinchecks planned.

    Maybe more of those, like me that survive without harsh treatments etc should speak up more often and try to reach out to others in the same situation.

    It seems pretty universal that the healthcare systems dont really care much about the mental stress even from having stage 1 or 2 melanoma.

    when i got back my SNB results i didnt feel happy or sad.. i just felt like it didnt matter..

    Didnt change anything more then my % risk of dieing according to statistics.

    It just feels like this thing will never be “done”.

    in reply to: After WLE Melanoma was Thicker Than Expected …. Now What? #64533

    Congratulations on the great news!:)

    I hope your future visits to the dermatologists and other doctors will be as uneventful as mine.

    in reply to: Results #65568

    It will take time but you will get there..

    i got chronic pain from the scar i got from the operation but i still manage to think of other things then the cancer i had.

    If you cant calm down enough to live a normal life get help right away.

    nothing shameful with getting help.

    in reply to: Excited! #65412


    thats great!:)

    in reply to: Energy Efficient Light Bulbs #63273

    UVA is strongest from incadecent and Halogen. (some CFL might have higher)

    UVB from CFL but its very little from 100cm.

    i personally only buy covered CFL or LED.. now 99% of my lights are LED.

    All i found that really was against it concerning UV was UVC light.

    in reply to: Pathology Report #62390

    Yea T3a is still Stage IIA..

    in reply to: Armpit pain….am I being paranoid #62108

    How about mentally, how do you feel?

    You could elevate the ache by thinking about it to much.

    You can also just be tense cos of the anxiety/stress.

    in worse case you could create your own pain cos of the trauma and you have a hard time believing you are without cancer at the moment.

    Hopefully its just physical and your nodes just beeing a little sensitive after the operation, they can stay that way for awile after an infection or virus.

    I know talking about the mind is a sensitive subject and I’m not trying to be mean or calling you crazy or anything, i just know how stressful its to get this diagnose and almost as stressful to be sent off home saying its nothing wrong at the moment, at least not that the doctors see.

    in reply to: Unchanged mole biopsy – question #61968

    Well once my mole had made its macro change it stayed that way for 3 years with no real visible change.

    I even know i spotted it looking like cancer like 5-6 years before i had it removed.

    So it doesn’t sound unlikely that it could be a mole that’s melanoma and looks the same for a long long time.

    in reply to: Do size and moles look give clues about diagnosis? #61597

    Alot of this questions is something your doctor should be able to answer.

    my melanoma was pretty small but pretty deep. but there is also ppl having pretty big moles thats not that deep.

    You need to relax and wait till the results of the biopsy is in. Everything the doctors can do before that stage is guess.

    looking at the statistics the worry is worse then the diagnosis of melanoma if found early..

    If it’s melanoma you got a big big chance that the only problem will be a scar.

    i’ve had 2 dermatologists looking at what would turn out to be melanoma they had no idea what it was, just removed it cos it was painful for me to walk on.

    Well i wich i know how to relax waiting for a biopsy.. but its almost impossible..

    in reply to: Question about Survival Rates #61442

    Dont look at those numbers to much i don’t really think they are meant for us patients.. more a way for the doctors to plan a treatment etc.

    so many factors count in your case not just how many statistically have died from it..

    If an melanoma is under a certain size you don’t usually do SLNB but that doesn’t mean you don’t got it in the nodes. Also some have gotten metastases 15 years after removal of the cancer.

    And with pretty fast progress in treatment those numbers they currently got is already old its probebly better now, more melanoma is removed earlier.

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