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    I had a modular melanoma diagnosed in 2009. It was 1.05mm and Clark level 4. I spent a lot of time reading blogs and forums and worrying myself rigid. I had nodular, the worst type. I had Clark level 4 , nearly the deepest! Always seeking someone who had had similar to me, seeking a good outcome and good news. Unfortunately those who have good outcomes don’t tend to post on forums and blogs. So it just led to me reading endless stories of surgery, tests, poor outcomes and worse.

    And my reason for posting now is that after 5 years I have been discharged and no more check ups needed. Just have to stay vigilant and take sun precautions. It is good to read about good outcomes so I am posting this now. If you are newly diagnosed and worried be reassured that there are many good outcome stories, just not to be found on these melanoma websites and blogs. You will think about it every minute of every day to start with, it fades away and after a few months you will think about it less and less. Then as check ups draw near you might get anxious, but time heals and confidence grows. So get off the websites, live life, enjoy life , don’t put things off , do what you want and try not to think negatively. Stay strong, eat good food and stay out of the sun ! Hopefully you will have a good news story too….

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