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    Catherine-I am concerned that in the position that you represent you seem to have thrown your hands up regarding the Federal/FDA regulatory proposal simply becaue of the financial strength of the ITA. That is a defeatist attitude and not one that I would expect from someone who represents one of the largest melanoma associations. It is certainly not one that I aspire to.

    I am very actively involved with a number of other mothers who have lost our children to melanoma and many of them tanned indoors. We ARE the grassroots effort that you refer to. We are the voices of our children and we WILL be heard!!! And we ARE being heard!! We have been very active in the introduction and passage of several bills at the multi-state level that are finally being passed. These bills will serve to protect the children of today and the future. We could not save our own children so we are committed to seeing that other children and parents don’t suffer the same fate of losing their lives and their loved ones to melanoma.

    With all due respect, I expect better or you and of MIF. It is NOT all about money, it is about awareness and education and we are committed to both. Please reconsider your words which reflect a lack of committment to support the regulations regarding indoor tanning devices.

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